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Don’t edit my artwork

Don’t repost my artwork

Don’t crop my artwork

Don't crop my signature or the photographers out

UNLESS you have asked permission and I AGREE, just don’t.

Doesn’t matter that you added source - I didn’t give permission to repost it in the first place so take it down.
My work is not stock material for your photomanipulations, it's not a nice cover for your 8tracks playlist, it's not a nice addition to your colour themed photoset on tumblr.

And especilly - because I'm really tired of filling you facebook copyright claims: Do not repost my photos on your facebook side. I do not want to se my photos there AT ALL. Except for the photographers own sides.

I don't want your 'feature' and your 'advertisement' for my works, because what you do, isn't anything like this. You are simply exploiting my work to generate content and likes for yourself and I don't want my work reduced to this. It's to important for me.
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  • Watching: Hannibal
  • Playing: Thief
  • Eating: chocolate
  • Drinking: cranberry juice
wondermanrules Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2014   Traditional Artist
I agree totally with you on this.:handshake:  I've had to get my work taken down from so many places it's sickening. :X
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